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EMS Training is now in multiple locations ! 

Recently opened in  Dunedin central as well as in Mosgiel, now you can try this exciting new training method out at the studio closest to you.

This revolutionary new technology enhances your personal training experience to give all the benefits of 3 X 1 hour training sessions in only 20 minutes.




Our Story

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What we do.

EMS is a 20-minute workout that’s provides all the benefits of at least 3 X 1hr session of conventional training. We activate all of your muscles at the same time, without putting any pressure on the joints. It feels great and is the fastest way to get results


Why EMS ?


Save yourself time by getting all the benefits of 3 X 1 hour workouts in only 20 minutes!


See progress in fat loss and muscle development faster than conventional training.


EMS training puts minimal load on the joints and tendons.


More cost effective than a normal PT both per session and in the number of session it takes to reach your goals.

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EMS Sessions

Initial EMS Session

Your first EMS session will take 60min as we take things slow and explain everything you need to know about EMS. We suit you up and find the right stimulation levels for you. We then demonstrate the different ways EMS can be used to enhance fitness, muscle development and recovery.

EMS for muscle development

Once you are comfortable with the equipment and your body is accustomed to the unique stimulation produced by EMS we can perform our 20minute session that delivers all the benefits of 3 X 1 hour workouts in the gym.

EMS for Relaxation and Recovery

At the appropriate frequency and stimulation levels EMS can be used to enhance muscle recovery from your weight training sessions. We can produce impulses to cause muscles to relax and also stimulate blood flow to bring nutrients to the area and flush out waste metabolites.

Mike Tabb

EMS Trainer

Everything I’ve achieved in my sporting career has not come easily but I love it. I’ve always had to squeeze every bit of performance out of my body just to be competitive which means that anyone I work with gets far better results than me and I get a little bit of vicarious success from them.

My Bio

I’ve spent 35 years in the fitness industry studying and at the coal face but it’s all about seeing people reach their goals. When I discovered EMS I knew it was a game changer and had to bring it to my community.

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EMS Curious

195 $ 99 ... 3 sessions
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    3 X 30min EMS After the initial set up your standard EMS sessions will be 20min plus suiting up time.
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    EMS Training plan

Grab this start up EMS Pack and see what it’s all about !



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    Free First Sessions You pay your normal concession rate
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    Try Before You Buy! The second trainer in the same tine slot pays half their normal rate when booked at the same time.
Regular EMS


$65 $ 55 / wk
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    1 EMS session / week Your first EMS session will be 60min to get you set up.
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    Paid weekly After the initial set up your standard EMS sessions will be 20min plus suiting up time.
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    Open term
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    Cancel with one month notice

1 EMS session a week is a great supplement to your current training plan or as a stand alone toning program


EMS training burns more calories than conventional training as well as significantly increasing your metabolism to burn more fat all day every day

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Sports Performance

EMS can improve power and stability in the movements you use in your sport. It will also address any muscle imbalances helping prevent injury.

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EMS will improve cardiovascular performance through improved oxygen transport to the working muscles as well as efficiency and stamina of those muscles.

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Muscle Development

With the help of EMS a much higher number of muscle fibres are activated than regular exercise, these fibres increase in efficiency, elasticity and performance.

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Injury Rehab

Because there is no load on the joints and muscles can be individually activated EMS is fantastic for working the rest of the body when injured or activating an injured area during recovery.

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Overall Wellbeing

Clients report feelings of euphoria, tranquillity and a decrease in anxiety. Clients regularly report improved sleep for the 2-3 days after and EMS session.

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Cancellation policy
No cancellations or changes allowed within 3 hours of the appointment. If you cancel your session with less than 24hrs notice and we are unable to fill your appointment slot with another client you will be required to pay 50% of the session fee. If you do not turn up for your session and do not advise the trainer prior to the session then you will be required to pay the full cost of that session.