EMS Dunedin

Apparently, it’s the ‘BEST’ thing ever

for our Members Health, Mind and Lifestyles.

Sports Training

Well Being

Fat Loss




What Mandy Said...

Mum, Businesswoman and still finding time to exercise.

What Sally Said...

One of the Best Things Ever for the Health, Minds and Lifestyles of our Members.

Don’t hear that from us, Hear it from Our EMS Dunedin Members, who Said “Yeah, Ill be in your Post, Mike.”

Then I just asked them: “Why are you Training EMS Dunedin?”. 

and this, is what They said…

5 X More Likely

In Training EMS You are 5 X More likely to Reach Your Goal, and the reasons are simple

20 Minute Workouts

That’s Right, A Full EMS DUNEDIN Workout is Only 20 Minutes Long. 

Because EMS Activates Deep Tissue Muscle where Traditional Workouts don’t, this means that a 3 Hour Work Out with EMS can now be 20 mins. EMS Dunedin is the Only Sports Professional in Dunedin, that can Offer you this New Service.

There is Only 1.

1 VS 4 Workouts

For people to achieve their goals when it comes to working out, that usually means 3 or 4 workouts if not more a week, But with EMS Dunedin you only have to work out once a week, twice if you want to get there faster, but once a week is all you need.

1 Workout a Week

No Routines

Because EMS workouts are only 20 mins long and you only have to work out once a week, you have the freedom to choose when you want to Train, instead of having to shuffle a bunch of things round or remove doing things all together to keep your Routine, you now can keep your days just how they are. No Gym can give you that freedom but EMS Dunedin.

Dont Change your Life

My Gift to You.

Be your Goal is Just to get Healthier and Feel Better, or Run Faster for Longer, or even if you’re just wanting to get off the Couch, what ever it maybe, I can get you there Quicker with way less stress and way-way-way less effort, and best of All, it’s FUN.

"Just Do it"



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Like Sally says… ‘Just do it‘.

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Cancellation policy
No cancellations or changes allowed within 3 hours of the appointment. If you cancel your session with less than 24hrs notice and we are unable to fill your appointment slot with another client you will be required to pay 50% of the session fee. If you do not turn up for your session and do not advise the trainer prior to the session then you will be required to pay the full cost of that session.