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What Rochelle Says...

What Sally Says...

It works by sending low-frequency electric impulses to contract your muscles while you’re working out. Long story short, it tricks the brain into thinking that you are running faster, lifting heavier, jumping higher.

And Only allowed to train once a week, Maximum twice. Perfect.

What Mandy Says...

EMS Dunedin

Client Specific Training

We know that life seems to get busier every day, and that some people struggle with the idea of joining a gym and finding the time to work out and get in shape.

That’s where EMS is the Game Changer!

So efficient you get results only training once a week. So effective you can’t train more than twice a week.            

My Thought.

Giving my clients the gift of time, time to have with their Whanau, time to spend doing the things they want to do, all while reaching their goals. It feels great to help people on their health and fitness journey.

In Shape For Christmas.

This Christmas, why not be in shape by Christmas rather than waiting for a New Year’s resolution to get in shape?

Give yourself the gift of health and wellbeing.

Make Your Goal

Truly, It can be a Party, a Reunion, or even a Date, but make it a Goal, and I can make that Goal Happen.


It’s True, I Gift you a Free Lesson and if you Book, If You want, You can bring a Friend for Free.

Give them a Great Christmas too.

With Only Needing 1 Workout a Week, You and Your Friends can Look Fab.

EMS Dunedin Feedback

Our Clients F.A.Q's

The Amazing thing about EMS is that for each of our Clients they find something new that enhances their inward self in reaching their Goals, and that is what Bio Technology Should do.

EMS is the only way that I could even think about Training with my lifes full on schedule.


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Like Rochelle Says… ‘You just have to try it

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Cancellation policy
No cancellations or changes allowed within 3 hours of the appointment. If you cancel your session with less than 24hrs notice and we are unable to fill your appointment slot with another client you will be required to pay 50% of the session fee. If you do not turn up for your session and do not advise the trainer prior to the session then you will be required to pay the full cost of that session.